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A quality management system (QMS) is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution in the core business area of an organization.

Process Based QMS enables the organizations to identify, measure, control and improve the various core business processes that will ultimately lead to improved business performance.
Recognize the external quality related requirements specified in Licenses to Trade, guidelines, specified customer requirements, and the chosen management system standard(s)

Ensure that all requirements have been documented within the management system in the appropriate location in terms of defined specific system requirements

Confirm that employees receive applicable training in the quality system requirements

Outline performance processes, where applicable, to the quality system requirements

Produce records or evidence that system requirements have been met

Measure, monitor and report the extent of compliance with these performance procedures

Continually monitor and analyze changes to the requirements and confirm that all changes are reflected in changes to the specific requirements when necessary

Execute the audit and analyze the system processes and correct them when necessary

Include processes that will help continually improve the quality system.


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