About us

About Us

At Food N Safety solutions, we ‘re proud to support buisnesses with food safety. Our Clients span many sectors including retail, manufacturing, warehouses and hospitality.

From small independently owned cafe or restaurants to brands recognized nationally and internationally, we work across the Middle East to bring safety excellence and peace of mind.

Why Food safety is important in the Food industry ?

Food safety is crucial to protect consumers from health risks related to common allergens and foodborne illnesses.
Safe food products shield companies and stakeholders from costly penalties and legal action. Fines and legal consequences could close a facility and even bankrupt a company Food.
Food safety should not be treated as common sense: a facility can only reach it through procedures, training, and constant monitoring.

Personalised Partnerships
based on Quality & Service

When you choose to work with us, we become an extension of your team and partner with you throughout the entire process. Our experts take the time to get ‘under the skin‘ of your business, so that we can become a one stop shop for all your safety and compliance needs. But we‘re not one size fits all. You will work with a dedicated consultant who will create a service that is carefully tailored to therealities of your business.

Helping you to meet your regulatory obligations is our first priority . We do have our consultants with a wealth of industry experience and qualifications so we can help streamline your safety management process, reduce risk and operational costs too, all with the express intention of giving you the confidence you need that your safety risk and